Monday, November 16, 2009

Derek Fisher Clinic wrap-up

We had a successful two days of lessons and a two day Handlers Clinic with Derek Fisher. The weather was wet (raining sideways at times), sunny at times, windy and cold. Parts of the field was under 2 inches of water on Saturday and then on Sunday, it was dry. Typical for western Washington weather.

In case you don't know him. Derek Fisher.

Our Little Red Fire. Jeanne B. picked up the fire for me at Camping World. She also picked up the walkie-talkies and head set so we could hear Derek talk. Much thanks to Jeanne B for doing this. We really appreciate you a TON!!

The pop-up canopy. It was windy so we put up sidewalls. The fire was in the middle and kept us warm. We used up a tank of propane that weekend as we were cold!! Kathleen is under the tent.

Close up of Kathleen. Notice Nan in the foreground. She was a good girl all weekend.

Janet and Scott. They really love each other. They are a good team and running in PN.

Kathleen and her Emma. Janet and her Scott. They are standing on top a bog that was very spongy and it would flex under your feet. Derek poked a hole in it and water gushed out like "Old Faithful" Then it became a normal ground again. It was fun while it lasted.

Nan..oh Nan.....I kept calling her but she was too busy watching what was going on at the field.

Janet, Audrye and Kathleen. Scott kept walking too close to the fire and got his tail singed.

I am running Nan and I had a hard time seeing as the sun was setting and the reflection was in my eyes. Nan doing a drive. We are working on square flanks and pace. She got it as well as me.

Scott waiting his turn.

Emma waiting her turn.

Scott still waiting his turn.

Me trying to see if we made the panels. (We did)

Derek just as happy as when he started.

The End. Fire is out and time to go back to the house for BBQ Chicken made by Getty. He cooked for us and made BBQ chicken, Cajun potatoes and we all ate well!!


Ric said...

It always amazes me what kinds of weather people endure. makes me yearn for looking for ewes & lambs in a spring snowstorm. Thanks Diane, think I'll go get some ewes and wait for a spring storm

Monique said...

Thanks for putting on the clinic! And for having a fire for us!