Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Fantastic Artist!!

Patrice is a fantastic artist. She does stunning drawings and so far has done one portrait of a Shiro for us and is doing Tess as we speak, ahhhh, I mean blog!!

And she did the Bluegrass artwork in 2008. That is where I first saw her work and was hooked. She does very realistic work. Her rates are very reasonable and her turnaround time is quick.

Here is the Shiro artwork. As you can see, the photo was a headshot of a mostly white Border Collie. Notice the very detailed and crisp drawing we got back. We love it.

This is what I sent her for the second drawing. It will be Getty's Christmas present so it is a secret so shhhhhh, don't tell him. 

I have posted about Patrice's work before but today, it is worth a repeat. If you want a high quality drawing done in a reasonable time for a good price, I suggest her.

Her website is AustinAnimalArt

p.s.. Nan will be the third drawing to be done!!