Friday, November 27, 2009

Stress Free

Did I say Stress Free…?

Well, now I am stress free. Thanksgiving is over and I survived the huge platter of food that made its’ way to my stomach. Last year, I had gotten home from my major heart surgery and only ate a few bites of food, then had to take a pain pill and went to bed while everyone else had Thanksgivings. This year, I just got my first year check up and the Cardiologist said the new heart wall had sealed quite well and I was good to go. My energy is back and the only issue that I have is the sternum area…aka where the other surgeon just slapped me back together incorrectly.

We ate well at Thanksgiving. All of us!!

The sheep, the Guardian dogs, the poultry, horses, llama and of course, the Border Collies. We had an organic turkey that Getty stuffed with his homemade cornbread stuffing. He made green beans with onions and bacon. I made a homemade Upside Down Pineapple Cake that I got the recipe from top Chef. It was errr….an interesting cake, lots of flavor but very dense. Not a repeat recipe. My brother was gracious and took it home since it was his birthday cake.

My Mom made chili shrimp, a tasty green salad with lotus root, fresh mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and persimmons. Nelson made this awesome mashed potatoes (rutabaga, garlic and buttermilk added) that was a out of this world!! He also made yams and sweet potatoes and roasted Fuji apples. We had other food but now I can’t remember!!

When my mom arrived, Tess and Nan went ballistic. They screamed and howled and where soon rewarded for their behavior but lots of treats from my mom. She gave them two large smoked bones and then double rations of dinner then lots of leftover from our plates. I could see their waistlines expanding but so was mine so I kept mum!!

It was a very enjoyable dinner. It was very nice to be surrounded by loved ones and realize what is important in life. The dogs were in their dog beds, peering over the edges, waiting in anticipation for their extra meal. They were not disappointed either. Lucy and Rainey, the other two house dogs were not here. Lucy is with Monique for the Winter Trials and Rainey at Scott’s for training. I did talk to Scott and she is doing well, still has the Princess Crown on but working well for him.

We certainly hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's when you reflect on life, your family, your religious beliefs, what is important and what else you want to do in your life. I’ve come a long way in the last 18 months of life, from almost dying to being whole again. I found out who my real friends were and who my false friends were. I found out that my dogs were my healers. The love my family has for me and the true depth of some of my dear friends is a cherished thought!

It’s a wonderful feeling. Hope ya’ll had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!!

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