Sunday, November 29, 2009

Four Stand Tall

This is in memory of the four Officers who lost their lives today.

"Four Stand Tall" by Diane Pagel

Four Protectors in Blue,
Heads close in thoughts
Thinking of little details
While protecting the world.

Four parents of young children
They swore to serve and protect
Your children as well
They made the streets safe

Four honorable people
With hearts to love
And arms to circle
And make me free

Four people like you and me
Who sat down for coffee and a talk
To start the day for us
And to end the day for us

Four lives were lost
A senseless act of hate
Of four that gave their lives
To serve and protect

Four Angeles they are now
Their tears are rain upon my faces
As I also weep of the loss
Of Four I never knew

Four heroes,
Four lives,
And most importantly to me
Four people that I will honor

May you rest in peace.

My Father was a Deputy Sheriff and retired from the force.

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