Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gallo the Llama

Recently, we added a new member to our farm. Gallo, the llama. I got him from my friend Tammy. He took care of her sheep and has a proven track record with sheep. He was also a show llama and was handled extensively.

I need guardian animals for my sheep. At home, I have Kodi (Great Pyrenees) and Frankie (Maremma). At my far pasture, I have Emmy and Emma, the two Arabians. Now my friend Nayab just got a flock of almost 40 sheep and he needed some protection. I will be the shepherd for his flock so I loaned him Gallo.

Gallo quickly went to work, checking out the boundary and sniffing the sheep. He found the shelter and made himself at home. Each day, then the flock would graze, he would be with them and raise his head and stare if anyone approached him. He has the most regal stare and can and will look you down.

I really like Gallo and he will be a permanent fixture on the farm.

Photo by Tammy K.

Photo by Tammy K.

Photo by Janet T.

We worked the new sheep. As you can see, Gallo is checking out Roo. He took a good run at Roo but Roo evaded him.  Gallo is doing his job well.

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Jennifer said...

how in the world did the llama get to his name???
gallo means rooster in Italian!