Friday, November 13, 2009

LGD for Sale

One year old Maremma. Both parents work for a living. So does Frank.

Frank is not a government worker (like me) and puts in well over 40 hours a work a week guarding his sheep. Frank is fine with horses but not enamored of cattle. He won't chase the cattle but keeps them separate from his sheep.

Frank doesn't take many breaks, does not steal food from your fridge or does not drinks all of your beer. He doesn't sleep in or sleep around. He does know his name and will lead on a leash.

He is intact and does not leave his pasture. He will go from pasture to another to check on his sheep. Frank is too rough on my older LGD at this time. He can be with another LGD but one who can keep him line or not ancient.

He has fine manners and is used to Border Collies working the sheep. Good wiht children. Not good with my pet chicken (or shall I say my deceased pet chicken)

Last coyote who tried to eat his sheep is now a dead coyote. Doesn't like coyotes or IRS folks.

Located in Carnation. East of Seattle.

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gvmama said...

I love Frankie. He has loads of personality. He will make someone a great guardian dog.