Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pumpkin Horror

A friend sent me these and they are just way too cool. I don't know who carved these pumpkins but I can say, they are Master Pumpkin Carvers. I tried to carve a pumpkin, once.  I got a cut finger, blood all over the pumpkin and a few measly cuts for the face of the pumpkin. It would have won first place for the worst pumpkin carving, hands down.

I think I recognize a couple of these guys from my High School.

Just plain evil looking.

Run little fellow. Oops, too late.

Taking the term "Kiss my Ass" to a whole new meaning.

Court Jester?

The Wicked Witch.

Let me tell you what we really think of Halloween!!

This is my favorite. I had to go and eat a chesseburger tonight in honor of this pumpkin.

Attack of the Killer Pumpkins.

The Police put you in jail for doing this type of stuff.

Guess I shouldn't have drank so much at the party.

Ahoy there.


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