Monday, May 6, 2013

Whose dog are you?

This weekend someone's dog came visiting. However, it was not the type of visit I wanted. The dog snuck into the farm between dusk and morning and got three of my show chickens.  We had Stella and Heidi chained with the sheep as they have been chasing the coyotes over the highway.
The dog is a field black lab, obviously well taken cared of, as he/she was sporting a bright, green neon collar and looked well fed. This morning I chased the dog from ripping into my duck pens and stopped it from killing a duck. I tried to catch the dog but it ran off.
None of my neighbors know who owns the dog. Apparently, this same dog has visited my neighbor at dusk for the last six month and trying to kill his ducks.
We figured out it is someone's pet as it is well taken care off and has a nice collar. Do the owners know when they let the pet out, that it leaves their property and hunts down their neighbors ducks and chickens?
Maybe we can solve this mystery soon as I don't want to catch someone's pet and take it to the shelter. And they need to pay for the damages. The other neighbor is waiting for this "visitor" with a gun. The dog jumps in his pond after his ducks.
I will be calling the other neighbors who live farther down to see if they know who owns the dog.  I bet the owners just turn it loose, expecting it to hang around and not realize their pet wanders off to kill poultry. Getty is letting Stella loose and everyone is in pens or stalls, in full lockdown. Shame that I can't even let my animals out to wander when I get home as when dusk arrives, the killing spree happens. I put up hog panels which is far better than chicken wire and that has saved the poultry inside the pens.  This explains why the LGD and the barn dogs go crazy as night as the dog goes inside the barn as well.
We will keep you posted and hopefully the owner will do right and pay for the damages and keep his dog contained. Some other farmer won't be so forgiving.
Mystery solved. Neighbor about 1.5 miles away. His dog has been doing over a two mile circuit, visiting everyone who has poultry. He said he will pay for the chickens.

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