Sunday, May 5, 2013

Poultry Power

We had out first hatch of chicks! I am so excited. I got a new incubator and it's really cool .  It is a Brinsea and holds 20 eggs or so, and has a humidity pump. Well, the pump is not working and we are working with the company to resolve this. But the incubator is great.
We had seven Black Copper Marans, three Blue Copper and three Wheaten chick hatch. I had a Wheaten hen go broody so I gave her the chicks and she is a great mom. She gives the Border Collies the evil eye as they pass her cage.  She took to  the babies right away hop all over her.
Then I had another Wheaten hen go broody. I had a  chance to snag two Cream Legbars rooster chicks that were one week old so stuck them under her and she took to them. They are so happy to have a mom that they pester her all the time. Another friend gave me a five week old Cream Legbar Rooster so now I have three roosters. I am getting some hens. The Cream Legbars are a very rare breed and lay a beautiful blue egg. I plan to start a flock with them.
This year I have decided to raise some rare breed of chickens as well as my standard hens. Once I figure out my foundation flock, I will sell my extra. It's a cool hobby and I am limiting my rare breeds to the Marans and Legbars.
One of the Black Copper Marans hens has decided to be my pet. She follows me and eats out of my hand. The Marans hens are very friendly and lay a dark, chocolate egg. So between my leghorns, Easter Eggers and the brown egg layers, I get a great color choice of egg colors.
My other laying hens are Rhode Island Reds, Orpingtons, Leghorns, Silkies and Cochins. I have ducks (runners) and Guineas. I also have Endem Geese but don't collect their eggs. They just wander all over the farm and give their opinion on everything.

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