Thursday, May 9, 2013

Feeding Circle Frenzy

The geese and sheep love to eat the Livestock Guardian's food. The LGDs do not like to share their meal. Heidi was a tough puppy and my pick of the litter. Outgoing, bold and very tough. This has served her well as the sheep and geese like to chase off the LGDs from their food and eat it. Heidi learned at four months to stand up for herself and protect her meal and not back down.  Stella on the other hand, is generous with her meals so I have to use a Border Collie to hold the sheep off her meal.

Tonight was feeding time and the moochers moved in for a free meal. Notice Heidi is in the middle and is surrounded by the geese and sheep.

You will also notice that she has her paws wrapped around her bowl and the sheep and geese are a respectful distance away from her. The geese have been grabbed by their beaks and the sheep by their noses. Just a grabbed enough  to make a point and it works. Once she is done and walks away, they all rush in to her empty bowl. Sometimes they will find one kibble.  Heidi just laughs at them as they fight over the one kibble.

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