Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Delight

I was too stuffed yesterday and in a food coma on the couch so had no Mother's Day wrap-up. Luckily, I did recover from the food overload, made it into work and now trying to get caught up on the blog.  I meant to take some pixs but naturally forgot until just now. Amazing what fresh fruit salad does to your brain.  My mom wanted to cook so we told her only to make a fruit salad. So, she and Kimiko made fruit salad, home made Japanese potato salad, cucumber salad, sushi rice, broccoli and green salad. (I helped on some) She wanted to make shrimp gyoza so I told her only to make fruit salad but since when does Mom listen to their daughters? No wait, she did listen to me...she didn't make shrimp gyoza.
It was overcast but soon warmed up and made for a wonderful Mother's Day. Getty made bbq chicken which my Mom loves. We made a bunch more so she could take them home. Nelson made his version of potato salad and corn.   We also had asparagus and tiny cherry tomatoes.  Everyone made something and we had a huge feast.  We stuffed ourselves and it was great. Much laughter abounded and we enjoyed ourselves.
Sarah, the feral kitty heard mom and Kimiko arrive and dashed up to the house. She got her can of kitty food and I told my mom that was enough. My mom gave me some tax papers to review and keep busy while she snuck out another can to Sarah. On her third trip, I looked up and she said, "Sarah is hungry and I hope you don't mind if I feed her. The can is open"
Oh, yea, sure what answer can you give to that? I quickly buried my head back in the paperwork. Nan, Maid and Rain were absent from the couch and I could hear giggling form the kitchen as my Mom and Kimiko told them to "sit down" ...I told them to say Sit or Down but not both as it means two different commands but they seem to forgot and the dogs have figure out that it means to sit. I heard the box of treats being fed to the girls and pretended not to hear that they just ate a box of treats. I heard another treat box being opened and asked my Mom, "Are you opening another bag?" She ignored me so I went back to the paperwork.
Kimiko (my Mom's best friend and our "Aunt") had a great time feeding the dogs as well. Between the two of them, they have a blast with all of the animals. Of course as soon as they arrive, the girls go wild as they know they get tons of treats, the barn cats race from the barn to the front door for their canned kitty food. And the sheep, Oh My, they make the straightest and fastest fetch line to my mom. At a DEAD RUN, while bellowing all the way. As soon as they reach my mom and Kimiko, they get bread, grain and treats. The poultry start to shriek and swarm around their feet like piranhas in the Amazon and they get tons of grain and bread.
Of course, Getty and I are well fed and I am not about to say anything about my mom an Kimiko feeding everyone extra food as it may endanger my food supply. I just smile and laugh as they have a blast.  The girls have learned to weave around my mom's legs as she is feeding the bread to the chickens as they get a piece (like 5 pieces before I say enough)...and Maid has learned that my mom's commands supersede my commands. Such as when I say, "Maid, that'll do" and my mom says, "Maid, sit down"...Maid looks at me, then my mom, then sits down. Maid learned this behavior from Tess, I let the girls have their day with my mom and they adore her. They have learned she and Kimiko arrive with treats and toys. They adore Kimiko as well as she is the one who tosses the ball for them. Tess was especially fond of Kimiko.
After the feeding frenzy we wanted back and had fruit salad. Mom made homemade fruit salad and it was very good. I certainly didn't have anymore room in my stomach but naturally being the trooper that I am, I cleaned up my plate.
Mom and Kimiko wanted to get home before it got dark and off they went. I fell down on the couch and went into a food coma with Rainey in my arms and Maid nestled at my feet. The farm animals were all quiet, all probably in their various states of a food coma. It was a great time and I enjoyed the time with my mom. She is a real delight, and gave us the world as we grew up. As a child I used to have lots of animals, tame and wild and she encouraged me. She is an animals lover and this is where I get my love for animals.  But she drew the lines at spiders and snakes.
I draw the line at spiders and snakes as well. My brother, well  his lines are fuzzy.

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