Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday results and some Monday

Well, I am home and have internet connection so I can actually update the blog. It was wet and cold and very chilly and I am so happy that I had the trailer. The heater worked just fine! The sheep were nice and the Open course was quite tricky and the shed, pen and single was very difficult. One you got your spilt, you had to stay in the ring and drive the sheep into the pen and take them back to the shed for a single. Not easy at all. The drive was a left hand drive through four panel and long. Again, not easy but it sure was fun.
Nan was the first of my dogs and ran quite well. A little hard on the sheep near the fetch panel but got that line straight. Nice straight driver but handler error on the missed panels cost us dearly. The sheep did not want to settle in the ring and we raced about and finally got that and she drove them right into the pen. A little more dancing in the ring for the single and with time to spare.
Rainey was next and had a perfect outrun , lift and then her fetch was off. We had the turn and a nice straight line to the first panel, then she flipped the sheep back to me. I walked as it seems like she is having hearing issues. I am going to have her hearing tested. Yesterday was the same and she showed the same issues at Karen's trial.
Maid was at the end of the day and was full of muscle. I had fractured a front tooth and was unable to whistle very much and it didn't help. She was full of herself and pushed through my downs. Missed a panel on the drive. Just had the spilt as time was called so it didn't count. Nice outrun and lift and pushy on the fetch.
We all went out to Mexican food and I had crab enchiladas. Then hot tea back at the trailer and bed time was early. Maid, Nan and rain pretty much hogged the entire bed so I had a little corner to sleep in. I told them to move over and not one even budged. Rotten dogs!

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