Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day One of MacDonald's Sheepdog Trial

Just a quick note on the trial.  The course was quite tough with a 5 gate drive. The first leg was normal, then in the middle of the crossdrive, you had to put the sheep through the panels. Then through the last crossdrive, then do a U turn through another panel next to the last set. Then back through the middle cross drive panel.  Got that!?
Then a split and a pen in nine minutes.
Rain ran out nice, nice lift and then offline the entire fetch. Her come bye was broken so I retired on the last part of the first leg. 
Nan ran out well, good lift and good fetch. wonderful drive and pretty much slid by each panel. Darn it. Got the shed and the sheep were hard to shed and we were closing the pen when one ewe busted out. So we got 70 and placed mid pack.
Maid was the last one and ran like a champ. Only lost 4.5 on the outwork and not a point lost on most of her drive when one lamb broke and she spun it for a DQ.  This same lamb had his head buried in the food and  bucket and refused to move so she carefully and kindly got them down the course.  She was very good and took every command. Judge Rob Lewis said it was the winning run and it was superb. I got tons of compliments on her run even though she did a grip.  On her score sheet she had lost zero on the drive at that point.  Oh well.
Spotty internet connection so this is what you are going to get. Bonnie Daley is camped next to me so life is complete! I love her as she is a wonderful person.

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