Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tess working ducks on New Years Day

Tess went duck herding on New Year's Day. She was feeling good so she got to do some herding. Just before this I had to drag her ass out of the pond pasture where the other dogs were running around at full speed. I didn't want her to be running around with the other dogs. She was unhappy so I made it up to her by letting her herd the ducks. She also worked a guinea and the chickens. She was quite happy.

I got these ducks for her. Plus I need to train my other dogs on ducks as well. She has been working these ducks about once a week. when she ran in ASCA, she got a score of 123 out of 125 on Advance ducks by one of the toughest judges. The judge said she had a perfect run but took two points away anyways. She wanted to take her home and she was an ASCA judge who loved Aussies. Tess used to run in ASCA and would get the top scores and walk away with most of the prizes. Ironically enough, the first time she ever saw ducks was the first time I stepped into the arena with her at a ASCA trial. She worked them like a champion.
As long as she can do herding, I will let her herd the ducks each week. It makes her happy and now her life is all about quality of life for her.


pam said...

I love her little tail wag after the pen.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry to hear that Tess is ill. I think dogs are given short lives to help us appreciate how precious life is. I love what you are doing for her. Quality of life is so important, and giving her this job to do clearly makes her happy!