Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tess went to the Vet today

The last couple of weeks, Tess has had some major bad episodes and around Jan 6th and a few days, after we weren't too sure if it was time. It has been hard for us with the ups and downs.  But the Vet adjusted the meds, and also she has two Vets look at three-four times a week and she is finally stable. It took a while. One of the Vet put her on herbal supplement to inhibit/slow down  the metastasis of the cancer. Her heart still is enlarged and presses on her trachea and when she lies down for a while, she get her coughing fits.  Hence, the 2:00 a.m.  in the middle of the night, fits of coughing and has been keeping me up for the last couple of weeks. It explains that now so I don't have to get all freaked out but I  now know it is the trachea issue. I rub her sides and sometimes talk her for a short walk around the house and that helps.
Seven weeks ago, the Vet Specialist gave her about eight weeks with the cancer diagnosis. But we put her on the cancer herbal supplements and they have worked great. We just had her x-rays done today and the cancer is the same size. The "divot" is still in the elbow area and holding. We have no idea when the cancer will override the supplements but we are happy to know where we stand now. Her heart still is enlarged and she still has congestive heart failure.  So who really know, what will get in the end but we are so grateful that the cancer has not gone wild and is in a holding pattern. It may go nuts tomorrow but today she is holding her own.
Tess still gets spoiled, walks, herds her ducks and several checks by the vets a week. They come here for herding lessons so they check up on her. She gets her weekly sushi and car rides. Nightly snuggles between us on her pillow. Extra attention. Whatever. But we are living for her now and loving every minute of it.


Luisa said...

Glad to hear she's holding steady. Give her a pat for me!

Mary Ann said...

I'm glad you are getting some extra time with her. Love her up.