Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tess on Sushi, aka Asian Dog

Tess loves sushi. We have never given her any before but now, since her days are shortly numbered, we are breaking a lot of rules for her. One is sushi. The other is more treats. Sleeping where she wants. Letting her decide if she wants to herd. More car rides. Farting in bed, to name a few. 

Last week, I gave her some of my Spider Roll (deep friend soft shelled crab with rice). She loved and it got a few pieces. Tonight we got some more sushi. She raced over and began to beg.....a lot more than normal. Like BIG TIME.

It was obvious she wanted sushi. First piece offered was the"Shrimp Tempura" . I had four pieces on my plate and somehow two of them ended in her mouth.

Freshly made, not more than 5 minutes prior and the shrimp was still warm.

Tess can eat using chopsticks. Bet, you didn't know she was such a clever dog.

I was trying to get her to pose while I held the sushi, and took a photo with my iPhone. But it is hard to take a photo of a piranha moving in for the kill. Several tries later, this was the best I could do. Finally, I gave up and she got some of my "Spider Roll". I sure didn't know that I had an Asian Dog......Tess, the Sushi Lover. I hope she doesn't expect sushi every night, as it is a treat for us. 

note: we do limit the people food feeding but mainly give her dog treats or fresh vegetables from my dinner plate.


Mary Ann said...

Just a beautiful girl. Sweet Tess. I'm glad she is enjoying herself.

Jenny Glen said...

Ah, yes, but can she eat wasabi like Skid can?!

DeltaBluez Tess said...


.....well, this friday I am getting more sushi, so will report back then....the sushu place is having special fish/rice sushi etc and the owner is a friend so going get more sushi......i'll see if she likes ginger too!

you need to come down for some cajun food

Jenny Glen said...

No! I'm kidding! Don't feed her wasabi. Skid stole some but it looked like he felt the same way we did. His eyes watered and he licked his nose alot.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

She ate my ginger. It was on the plate with the wasabi and on the coffee table. This is after she ate generous amounts of sushi last night. She took one sniff of the wasabi, turned her nose up in the air then grabbed the ginger. She knew she is not supposed to eat food on the coffee table but at this point, I let her do as she pleases. She loved the ginger. I was saving it for my last bite but apparently Tess had other ideas.