Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mr Fizzle and his hens

About a month ago, I got a new rooster. I have several Silkies, Rhode Island Red and a Leghorn roosters but wanted a Buff Banty. I found Me Fizzle on CL and his owner, Brittian brought him out to me. He raised him from a chick and he is very tame. I told Brittian that I would post about his beloved rooster and his new flock.
So wihtout further ado, welcome Mr. Fizzle.
He took to his role as the boss and is very protective of his hens. He gives me the evil eye and charge me but stops a few feet away, enough to make a point. The dogs keep well away from him! Maid's nose met his beak and she lost the battle.
His hens. At first, they were amazed a little rooster was going to be his new boss. They tried to fight him and they did, but in the end he won the battle.
He takes great care of his hens. He is always calling to his hens when he finds food for them. He is calling to them for the alfalfa hay I just put in their pen. Soon he was picking out choice pieces for them. Mr.  Fizzle may be small but he really loves his hens and takes great care of them.
Welcome to the farm, Mr. Fizzle. Thanks to Brittian for making sure he got a good home.

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