Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kirchgessner Trial Results

Nan, Maid and I headed out early on this crisp, frozen morning to Smokey Point for the Kirchgessner Trial, hosted by Lynne and Erin. The Judge was Jack Knox. Open was first, then PN, Ranch and Novice. Two Scottie ewes and two lambs. Standard outrun and first leg of drive was long as well as crossdrive and short third leg. Spilt of last two, pen and single.
It was bitterly cold but the sun came out but a small wind kept it cool all day. The warmth was nice and I was happy that is wasn't raining, snowing or super windy. I wore my Gerbing jacket and it keep my upper torso warm so it was wonderful!
Maid was the first of my dogs to run. She ran out nice to the away side and downed at the top, and came hard on the lift but stopped when I asked her. She was forward on he fetch but manageable and began to get softer for me.  We got offline for a little bit and had a nice turn at the post.
The sheep were light on her drive and we were a bit off but I am working on not over commanding her and having her listen to me on the drive, than take her version of the drive.  I had them near the panels but they scooted around them at the last minute. This is where I usually have an issue with Maid taking her own crossdrive line and ignoring me. I have been working on some exercise to fix this. I gave her a wide flank then a down. She did and waited for me to give her a command. I gave her a walkup when the sheep were lined up proper on the drive and she held the line nicely. She began to push so we wavered back and forth and they broke once and she cut them off and I shouted her out of a grip. She settled down and we lined them up for the second panels and I misjudged the flanks and we skimmed low. She gave me a nice flank and they bolted up the hill, a bit offline. I was ok with the offline as she did as I asked and I didn't want to nitpick her. She was soft but pushy and listened very well for me.
The sheep were a real booger to shed but she gave in like a Lear jet and parted them and marched two off. She tucked them into the pen and we got them out to do the single.  we timed out on the single and she got a 72. She placed third with no single. I was very happy with her run but I have less commanding, have her in more control of the sheep but we are really getting each other figured out. I really enjoyed running her and she was all happy and waggy after her run.

Nan ran towards the end of the Open runs. She was all excited form being cooped up all day and shot off like a missile. Nice deep outrun, nice lift the conveniently forgot her stop until the fetch panels where I dropped the whistle then scolded her. She looked at me as if to say, "Oh where did YOU come from?" Two sheep slid to one side and the rest of the fetch was nice and tidy turn. Part of the first leg was offline but we got the panels, then offline wavy on the crossdrive where she decided to be very pushy on the light sheep. made the second panels and nice turn to the ring. I had to slow he way down as I didn't want her to rush the sheep. It took a bit to get the split and I helped open the hole and she came in and drove them off. Nice pen and one thought about slipping to the side but saw the fire in Nan's eye and they went in. The single was all but impossible and I had her come in on the first ewe for the single as time was running out. I got docked for both the spilt and single but I took what was offered. I was happy with her but she was a powerhouse to run. I was so excited to see that we won and danced with joy. We certainly have grown together as a team and we just bond well. She has been a real joy in my life.
We had a special guest handler from the East, Donald McCaig and his stylish Fly, She is a beautiful dog and very responsive to him. He will be at the trial that is on Sunday.
I watched some of the runs in PN. Kathleen had a nice run with Josh. She has been working on his push on the drive and he was pushy on the drive.  Her homework has paid off!  She is going to be a force in Open with Gael in Open. It was good to Lani and Jayne run. She is fun to talk to and we got caught up on life.  Liz and Crick had a  nice drive but she retired at the pen.  

I got home and Rainey and Tess greeted me. Both were suspicious that I went to a sheepdog trial without them. I have them some beef jerky and I was forgiven.
It was a nice day for trialing and I really enjoyed running my dogs.

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