Friday, January 25, 2013

New Knees for me

My knees have been hurting me for a very long time. But since I had the heart surgeries, that pain was small compared to the busted sternum. Finally after four plus years, my sternum quit hurting. Now I notice the pain in my knees. It's on both of the knees and I am on meds to help with the pain. I went to the same Ortho  Doc that worked my busted elbow to see what he could do. Dr Todd is quite cool and knows his stuff. He took x-rays of my knees and it turns out that I have arthritis in my knee caps. But the bones look in good shape, plenty of spacing and no damage. So he injected my knees with cortisone. Hopefully this will work for a while. So far, so good. I actually sleep all last night (aside form the 2:00 get up to give Tess a rub and a pain pill) and my knees didn't hurt when I woke up. Usually I toss and turn from the pain and do get sleep but it is restless. He said that I will know for sure on Monday on how well this injection will work. I still feel some irritation in my right knee but no pain. I sure hope this will work and I will be pain free (relatively). Getting up without knee pain is quite nice too. I hope this will be successful and soon I can only whine about my "pain to my pride" when I miss another panel at the trial.

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