Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vashon Island PN runs on Friday

Ron and I left just after five on Friday morning to catch an early ferry to the trial. We got to the ferry with about two minutes to spare and thus arrived in plenty of time for the trial. The sheep were from Cameron's flock from eastern Oregon and loved to tum on the dogs and run them off the field. Those would didn't do that would split into two or more groups and go in opposite directions. If you dog backed off and had power and the threat of a grip, they were much better. They pretty much challenged every dog and each run landed on the scoreboard how the dog and sheep's relationship was at the lift. In the morning only a couple of scores were posted, with most of the scores being RT or DQ.

Ron ran Kiki and she had a excellent outrun and lift, off on the fetch and a dual sheep group drive, slung low at the cross drive and timed out at the pen. One ewe after they were done decided she wanted to meander up the field and it took several people and dogs to put her in the exhaust.

Several times the sheep would beat the set out dog back to the set out and the handler would patiently wait. It was a true test of skill to get the sheep around the course.

Rainey ran out nice and deep, checked in and cast out wider. She disappeared behind the knoll next to the sheep and I thought she would come out behind the sheep but she did an Open outrun.  I whistled her to walk in and she came charging down the field to the sheep, lined herself nicely behind them and had a sweet lift. She took great command of the range ewe and finessed them down the fetch line, through the gate and an nice turn. it was the best fetch of the day and the one of the best best outwork so I was pleased. It was dumping rain and the sheep ahd no intentions of moving.

The sheep turned nice at the post, then two broke off (typical of the sheep) while two stayed behind and challenged her. She stood her ground, walked slowly and pushed them closer to the forward ewes and then I had her scoop the two forward ewes back to finish the first leg. She put them dead center through the panel and a nice turn then they swung high. Rainey was slowly working them across for the cross drive when time ran out. Doing the extra long outrun and the challenging ewe on the first leg cost her in time. So needless to say, she did not get her drive or pen points. BUT she tried hard on the drive and went into the bubble and stayed on her ground when the ewes challenged her. She did everything I asked of her, even when it was very tough for her. So I am very happy with her performance, even though the score did not show it. She only lost seven on her outwork.

We had to exhaust out sheep and the one troublesome ewe took a charge at her. She took her on the nose,  the ewe was satisfied that she meant business and she had a wonderful drive to the exhaust. These sheep had no idea where the exhaust was so they needed to coaxed.

Patrick and Abby had a smooth run to nail down first place while Karen was hot on his heels for second and third place. They had to work for their runs but they ran nice runs.

It was cold and raining so Rainey was the lap warmer since her mom, Tess, stayed home.

We left after the PN runs so I don't know how the Ranch or Novice landed but I will post that tomorrow. ron and I went to dinner at the "Hardware Store Restaurant" and I had a huge prime rib, and I ate it all plsu Creme Brulee for dessert. Ron had clam linguini and dick Wilson joined us and he had bourbob butter halibut. The dinners were outstanding!  A bunch of us went there last year and it was just as good.

Photos: Carolyn Harwell

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