Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nan - Winter Series Open - Oct 9

I ran Nan this last weekend. she was a bit on the muscle and skidding through her stops but we did get by. She ran well for me and placed first and so now we have more points towards the Finals. She went out nice and lifted the sheep well. She lost one for her outrun and lift and then three for her fetch. We had a nice drive and had a few few bobbles for minus fourteen  and then a sweet pen. I set up the sheep in the shedding ring and an opening came about so we took it. She got none off for her pen and shed.

The drive was around the cone, back through the fetch panel, then to the first drive panel, then to the second drive panel, then back through the fetch panel and to the pen with not gate and then a shed. You had to stand at the post to pen the sheep. Not that many people got the pen or shed. It was tough as the sheep would ring the pen as they were wily.

I am happy with her work but need to work on a proper stop or stand. She still does slice a bit and that has been our homework too. But I love this dog and how she tries hard for me.

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