Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nan gets a massage

Well, I haven't processed the photos from Vashon so you won't get them until tomorrow. I did manage to do ONE PHOTO so that was huge!

At the trial, Kelly Gann offered dog massage and Nan got a massage. She gets to go to the chiro as well as an acupuncturist. She also goes to the groomer about every six weeks so I cant cut hair at all.

So Nan was  a little off on her front leg, so she got a long massage before her run. It helped quite a bit and she was quite relaxed. She also went to the chiro who adjust her and found her front leg had rotated inwards, and adjusted her so now her gait is not off and she is merrily running about the house.

I highly recommend Kelly to give your dogs, or another other animal for that matter. She also is licensed to give people massages and I had her loosen up the knots in my shoulders.

Kelly giving a massage to Nan. Isn't Nan looking like she is having a blast!

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