Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vashon Island Open (bare bones)

Well my cell service is non existent so you will get the bare bones report and certainly no photos.

Patrick had a screaming run with Riggs for a 101 out of 110 and then with Java for a 91 or so. I don’t know what the score was for Andi. Karen was doing quite well too. Dave Imas was holing at third when we left but there were a few more runs still to go, one being Patrick. There were quite a few nice runs and I will post score on Monday.

Ron got a score of 54 with Tigr with no shed, pen or single. Roo ran and I had to give a redirect, nice lift and then decided to grip a ewe on the way down. Too bad as he can handle range ewe but today he decided to be a toad. But a lot of dogs got a RT or DQ too. Nan had a nice outrun, had to work on the lift as they faced her and she finally got them going, sweet fetch and just skimmed on the outside of the panel, nice turn, and had to work on the first leg as one ewe tried to run at her. She made the first panel then the ewe ran at for the last time so she slung it about for DQ. However, she ran her heart out and listened to me so I was ok with that. Roo, failed to heed my down so I was not happy . Had he done that I think he would have had a nice run. Oh well. Such is life and I have some homework to do.

Hope my cell service works better so I can post more tomorrow.