Sunday, October 9, 2011

MacDonald's Winter Trial

Ron, Kathleen and I are at this trial.  George and Sue are hosting a few winter trials and this is the first of the series. I will try to post the results later tonight or tomorrow.

1. Ian Caldicott and Joe Kidd
2. Bob Hickman and Mojo
3. Ron Green and Tigr
4. Diane Pagel and Nan
5. Sue MacDonald and Jan
6. JIm Cooper and Sweep
7. Jo Roach and Slider
8. T Yamamoto and Sweep the Broom
9. Donna Donahue and Taff
10. Chris Soderstrom and Tarn
11. Brian Ricards and Doc
12. Jim Cooper and Amos
13. Dick Wilson and Raygen
14. Ian Caldicott and Bear
15. Sue MacDonald and Jackie
16. Donna Donahue and Kate
17. Diane Pagel and Roo
18. Jim Cooper and Zot
19. Ian Caldicott and Kate
20. Jeanne B and Rocky

1. Kendall Hougland and Charm
2. Susan Risner and Nevi
3. Kylo Murray-Gann Mike

1. Sue MacDonald and Avie
2. Jane Hickman and Rachel
3. Corinne Berg Bea
4. Heidi Hanson and Bruce
5. Kylo Murray-Gann Mike
6. Kendall Hougland Sava
7. Ron Green and Chavo
7. Sue MacDonald and Repete
Pro Novice
1. Diane Pagel and Emma
2. Chris Soderstrom and Playa
3. Vicki Romero and Blitz
4. Jo Roach and Steam
5. Cindy Baker and Finn
6. Brian Ricards and Belle
7. T Yamamoto and Twa
8. Ron Green and Kiki
9. Chris Soderstrom and Rankin
10. Vicki Romero and Skye
11. Ron Fischer and Steve
12. Kathleen Torkelson and Gael
13. Cindy Baker and Kael
14. Diane Pagel and Rainey
15. Jeanne B and Moses
Non Compete runs (these can be in any order, we will set accordingly)
1. Cindy Baker and Brill open
2. Kendall Hougland and Charm Novice Novice
2. Ron Fischer and Steve open
3. Bob Hickman and Ryder open
4. Kendall Hougland and Sava Ranch
5. Jeanne B and Moses open
6. Corinne Berg and Bea open
7. Diane Pagel and Rainey open

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