Friday, October 14, 2011

DeltaBluez Rainey - Oct Winter Series - Open Non Compete

I had a chance to run Rainey in a Open course as a non-compete run. She did quite well. At the top, I had to bend her out and she did it well. We missed the second crossdrive panel since she wouldn't release the pressure. She never did a single and after a couple of attempts, we quit. I was quite happy with her and she will move up to Open next year. I just started running her a few months ago.

The drive was around the cone, back through the fetch panels, then a left to the far crossdrive, then across the field to the other high panel and then back through the fetch panels...sort of like a Martini Glass drive

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Monique said...

Martini glass drive - I like that description. Extra points for completing it while drinking a martini?