Friday, October 7, 2011

DeltaBluez Reba

Just a quick video of Reba on sheep for the third time. She is about nine months old at this point. Her dam is DeltaBluez Lucy and her sire is Scott Glen's Don. She reminds me a lot of Lucy. I ran Lucy in PN and Nursery, where she won trials and qualifed for the USBCHA Sheepdog Finals. Monique took care of Lucy when I had heart operation then Scott Glen polished her for me in Open.

After I healed, then I ran her in Open and she was successful. She  ran in two Double Lifts (one with Scott Glen and one with me) and then ran in the USBCHA Sheepdog Finals with Jennifer Glen. Lucy was a enjoyable dog to train up to Open and I am hoping that Reba will be the same. Scott had put the polish on Lucy for Open and Reba will be going to Scott to do the same as her mom. It's a family tradition now! Lucy is now with Monique and she is running her in Open. I hope that Reba will be my future Open dog.

Isn't she just a keen little red gal! I just love her spirit!


Ewenique Border Collies said...

very nice pup!

BCxFour said...

she is lovely!

Leanna said...

Love seeing Reba!!!

Monique said...

Very cute - different from Rye but similar too. It will be fun to watch all the pups grow up!