Monday, October 10, 2011

Results of MacDonald's Winter Trial

Kathleen and I went to George and Sue MacDonald's Winter Series Trial on Sunday . I will do a write up later.


Written by Sue MacDonald
What a perfect day for a sheepdog trial! The weather was perfect, the sheep behaved themselves, and EVERYONE pitched in to help set sheep, exhaust sheep, scribe and course direct! George did a great job of judging.. thank you to everyone! I must say that next time I'll have to have more food! Wow you guys were hungry! It almost looked like someone licked the pots clean!

It's always nice to hear laughter and cheering when I was setting sheep at the top. Thank you to the open handlers that cheered and supported our novice teams. Boy we have some really nice handlers coming up!

Good job to everyone!

So I'm sure you are all dieing to know what the results are since I wasn't able to go over the scores and post them until most all of you where gone, so here you go!

Open ran first with four sheep for each team. We did the martini glass course, fetch through the fetch gates, turn the post clockwise and go back through the fetch gates, angle off to the left drive gate, cross the field to the right hand drive gates, back through the fetch gates, then straight to an open mouthed pen AND we had to pen from the handlers post. If you got that all done then you could go to the shed ring and split your sheep. All in 8 minutes! Time was perfect, but the course was challenging! 20 teams to the post with 100 points possible

1. Diane Pagel and Nan 1-1-3-14-0-0 81 this was beautiful to watch. Nice run!
2. Bob Hickman and Mojo 1-1-5-12-7-1 73
3. Ian Caldicott and Joe Kid 1-0-2-9-8-10 70
4. Jeanne Boudrieau and Rocky 0-1-2-17-0-10 70
5. Diane Pagel and Roo 0-0-3-9-10-10 68
6. Donna Donahue and Taff 1-0-2-11-8-10 68
7. Ron Green and Tigr 1-0-8-14-0-10 67
8. Jim Cooper and Amos 3-4-7-14-5-0 67
9. Sue MacDonald and Jan 3-2-5-6-8-10 66 best drive of the day, but sure needed that shed!
10.Brian Ricards and Doc 0-0-8-18-6-5 63
11. Ian Caldicott and Bear 15-4-4-8-0-10 59
12. Jim Cooper and Zot 2-1-2-13-10-10 62
13. Jo Roach and Slider 6-3-7-16-0-10 58
14. Donna Donahue and kate 1-0-6-18-10-10 55
15. Jim Cooper and Sweep 2-3-6-15-10-10 54
16. Sue MacDonald and Jackie 0-2-10-24-10-10 44
17. T Yamamoto and Sweep the Broom 16-0-7-21-10-10 36
18. Ian Caldicott and Kate 8-4-4-30-10-10 34
19. Chris Soderstrom and Tarn 19-4-4-23-10-10 30
20. Bonnie Block and Gull 1-3-8- DQ

Straight into Novice Novice with 4 teams to the post and 60 points possible. About a 60 yard outrun with just a fetch, settle at the handlers post and then walk to the pen and pen them. Good job to all of you!

1. Kendall Hougland and Charm 0-1-8-2 49
2. Kylo Murray-Gann and Mike 2-4-4-2 48
3. Susan Risner and Nevi 2-5-12-10 31
4. Kathleen Torkelson and Josh 8- RT our one and only kelpie

After a short course change we went into the Ranch class. This class had about the same outrun, but we added a drive away and then return to the pen. Drive was worth 20 points instead of the normal 30 so 80 points were possible.

1. Corinne Berg and Bea 0-0-5-2-2 71 WOW Corinne! Good thing you  didn't watch my run. You got a much better score by doing the course correctly! :-))
2. Kendall Hougland and Sava 1-0-9-6-1 63 was this your first trial? Nicely done!!
3. Ron Green and Chavo 0-3-10-12-0 55
4. Jane Hickman and Rachel 0-2-8-16-0 54
5. T Yamamoto and Taw 8-3-5-11-0 53
6. Kylo Murray-Gann and Mike 3-4-14-13-0 46
7. Sue MacDonald and Avie 8-2-12-12-0 46
8. Heidi Hanson and Bruce RT sure looked good in his N/C run!!

So a small course change again and into Pro Novice we went! 90 points possible. And still lot's of daylight, yeah!!

1. Diane Pagel and Emma (Kathleen Torkelson's Emma) 0-3-4-7-0 76
2. Diane Pagel and Rainey 3-3-1-2-10 71
3. Jeanne Boudrieau and Moses 4-5-3-9-0 69
4. Vicki Romero and Blitz 1-1-9-11-0 68 Good job you two!
5. Cindy Baker and Kael 6-4-1-11-0 68
6. Chris Soderstrom and Playa 0-3-7-17-0 63
7. Chris Soderstrom and Rankin 3-2-5-10-10 60
8. Vicki Romero and Skye 2-5-12-14-0 57
9. Cindy Baker and Finn 2-4-8-20-0 56
10. Jo Roach and Steam 1-0-5-30-10 44
11. Kathleen Torkelson and Gael 3-1-5-30-10 41
12. Brian Ricards and Belle 0-1--14-30-10 35
13. Ron Green and Kiki 5-0-12-30-10 33
14. Ron Fischer and Steve 4-2-9-RT

There you have it! Hope you had a good day trialling and a safe trip home! See you all soon!

Sue and George

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gvmama said...

Nice to see that Jeanne got in the placings with you. Such nice sized cozy trials. Our trials fill the day they open (because we have so few)