Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who is that person behind the camera?

I am the one that usually takes the pitcure so it is rare when you see a picture of me. Usually I press Janet or Bonnie into service at trial so I can get pixs of my runs. I tell them to take pixs of my dogs than me since that is more important to me.

Last weekend a bunch of us were working dogs. I decided to take some photos of Kathleen and her dog. Wayne Seward was taking some photos and he took some of me.

I am taking pictures of Kathleen and her dogs. Rainey loves being next to me, being the back up dog, stopping run aways, sorting and all sorts of stuff. Her mom, Tess used to be my go-to dog but Rainey has stepped into her shoes.

 More photos being taken and Rainey keeping my left side warm.

My back started to hurt so Wayne brought a chair out for me to sit in. That made a huge differnece and MUCH THANKS to Wayne. I think for my future photo shoots, I will be sitting in the chair.

Do you see the speedy Kelpie? I oftern will shoot hundres of photos to get a few quality ones. I try to set it up so the dog is in action, no blur, no distractions, etc....Rainey is bored by now.

Now you have seen lots of photos of my backside, here is my frontside!

I enjoy taking photos of my friends and their dogs.  I have gotten better over the years and still have a long way to go.

Thanks to Wayne for these photos.

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