Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Buddy, Billie

Billie is my buddy. She is one of the females that I kept from the Roo x Nan litter. She loves to be next to me and that is like her mother, Nan. If I leave her chained up and leave the area, she carries on like a banshee.  Same as Nan!!

She loves to work the sheep. She is quite bold and if I am working another dog, she will sneak through the fence to assist me. Therefore I tie her up where she then carries on like a Banshee. I think I need to rename her "Banshee Billie"

She is a nice working pup and puts thought in her work. She will go both ways and has worked over 40 head of sheep. I only let her work for a couple of minutes then tie her up. Her formal training will start at the end of this year. I really look forward to that! She is only 4.5 months old.

"Billie, I have a cookie for you" 

 I love this pix.

 Big ears.....

 She has an intense focus.

She is such a doll. She loves to be by my side. She especially loves the chicken jerky treats.

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Cat said...

What a cutie!