Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pups at trials

I had to drop off two of the Roo x Nan pups in March at a Border Collie trial. Donna was picking up Kima and Hope was taking Hazel to Spokane so her owner could get her. So I brought Kima and Hazel to the trial where they got to met everyone and be spoiled. They had a blast and were social butterflies!

Hazel being held by Jo Roach and Donna is cuddling her future superstar.

Kima is like Roo but a female form. I see Roo all over again!

I also brought Reba to be socialized at a trial in April.  Jim was kind enough to drag her around all day for me. At first Reba was panicked but soon got over it. She was having fun getting pets and fussed over. She had a blast. Reba is Don x Lucy. Don is owned by Scott Glen.

Thanks to Jim for Reba sitting. Jim runs in PN with his Rodeo and has his own blog at sheepdogtrialling

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Jim Kling said...

You're welcome! Reba was a little darling.

May I post the pics to my own blog? Thanks for taking them!