Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rivendell - A name of a Champion

Rivendell is owned my dear friend, Kathy Davis. He is a five year old  Hanoverian gelding. He is currently in dressage training in Washington. Kathy lives in Medford, Or but her horse is up. She used to live up here and she still comes up to visit. After he completes some more training, he will go down to be with her. Kathy also owns his dam, Alana. Alana lives in Medford and Kathy rides her in dressage.

I remember when he was a gangly colt. All legs and full of life. Times sure goes by fast when I see him now and he is doing dressage! Rivendell is being ridden by the Assistant trainer.

Kathy took these pixs but we are going to do a more formal photo shoot on her next visit up here in June. We will even do a video shoot.

Doing a medium trot.
More of the medium trot.

Medium canter.

This is the speed that I like to go on...a loose rein walk. This is Kathy on her horse, allmost16.3 hands high. He is about 2 hands higher than I like.

Kathy going on a nice trot.

Still on a nice trot.

Now going on the trot with the Assistant trainer.

A nice canter.

Rivendell's sire is Regazzoni. He was bred in Germany but now is in the USA. Alana (dam) was accepted by the Hanoverian  Society into the stud book.  Her offspring will be Hanoverian registered if she is bred to a Hanoverian. She is a tall chestnut with a charming sweet personalty.

Kathy and I used to trial our Border Collies together before she moved to Medford, Or. She had Jill and I had Tess and we spent many hours together working the dogs and going to trials. I sure miss those times so the few times that I see her now are cherished times.

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Get well soon, Kathy