Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Shepherd of Two Flocks

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from a friend, Deb of Basin Border Collies. She had a person that wanted to see a demo of Border Collie working sheep but it was an unusual request. This person had a friend that was battling brain cancer and wanted to visualize Border Collies rounding up stray bad cancer cells while undergoing chemo. Eliana from the Seattle Presbyterian Church set up the visit and Dale, Jen, Alex and Eliana came out last Saturday. Dale and his wife used to own a Border collie many years ago.

So we all made connections and Dale and his friends came out for his visual of rounding up cancer cells. . Little did he know he was going to do just more than visualize.

Janet was out for the day also and part of the plan. We wanted to make sure he had his wishes fulfilled and have a good time.

We figured the best way for the stray cancer cells to be rounded up was to have Dale learn how to work a dog. We handed him a crook and Janet was his instructor. I whipped out my camera and so did Alex. God smiled upon us and provided the sunshine.

Dale was game to go out and do some herding.

Dale is a two type of shepherd. He is a retired pastor and took care of his human flock. His new shepherd duties is taking care of the sheep flock. He took to his new shepherding duties with a big smile.

Dale, Janet and Scott doing a drive.

Describing what is going to happen. Scotty, Rainey and Roo were the dogs who helped out.

Janet explaining the outrun to Dale.

Smile, you are getting your pix taken.

Dale found a new friend, the llama.

Break time. Tess is making sure that Dale uses his petting hand. Eliana, Dale and Jen watching me give a demo with Roo.

Emmy, the 26 yr old Arab is also Dale's new friend. 

Roo gave a demo with the large flock.

 The three shepherds. Janet, Dale and me.

The crew at the end of the day. Janet, me, Dale and Jen. The dogs are Bessie, Rainey, Roo and Tess.

Keep Dale in your prayers and we will see him again in May for his second session as a sheep shepherd. We plan on Dale coming out as long as he has his sessions and will continue to support him as needed.


gvmama said... made me dust off my book, Love, Medicine and Miracles by Bernie Siegel. (Lessons learned about self-helaing from a surgeon's experience with exceptional patients.) Dale is one of those exceptional patients.
Way to go Diane, Janet and Dale.
:0) Super post.

Eliana said...

Diane and Janet,
What a treat to watch you and the collies at work... what a blessing to discover new friends!
Thank you for your warm hospitality to us all, in particular to our dear friend Dale.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Rev. Eliana