Monday, May 9, 2011

My day with Mom

 Yesterday my mom came over and hung out with me. She did stuff for me in the house while I did farm chores. We hung out and had a late lunch and just talked and relaxed. Then I managed to pass out for a short nap but lucky for me, she entertained herself.  What really happened was Tess, Nan and Rainey saw a golden opportunity to get most of a box of milk bones from my mother (without me saying 'No") and convinced my mom to spoil them.

Rainey decided to abandon me and make my mom her newest best friend. She literally stuck next to my mom the entire time.  My mom never let dogs on the couch when we were growing up so it took her by surprise that we let the other dogs on the couch. She was sure that the dogs would be wild on the couch but soon she realized that our dogs were well behaved. Once Rainey got her little butt on the couch and got next to my mom, it was all downhill after that.

Rainey cuddled next to my mom like a cat. My mom had to pet her over and over again.

She talked to her in Japanese and Rainey understood every word of it, especially the part that meant "biscuit"

Rainey keep nudging my mom to get petted.

More nudging, in case my mom didn't notice her!

Finally, Rainey settled down to watch TV.

Rainey going to sleep.

BUT WAIT, my mom said biscuit and suddenly she was alert.

After I made my mom a nice steak for dinner, she feed the dogs more biscuits, we went outside tofeed the sheep, chickens and ducks. My mom had a blast feeding everyone. The sheep remembered her and she feed them bread from her hand. She loves to do this and I enjoy watching her have fun.

Later we went and had some treats for ourselves and watched more TV. It was good relaxing and hanging out with my mom. She spent the night and she got up early to make me breakfast. I felt like I had stepped back in time to when I was a child. It was great and I knew to answer "Yes, Mom" when she told me to eat more vegetables.

I love my mom. She is the best mom ever. She spent her life making sure my  brother and I had the best and loving childhood. She also made sure we went to college and got a good start in life.  She is always there for us still and when I had my heart surgery she spent most of the summer taking care of me. She is my best friend and I cherish her dearly. I want to be like her when I grow up. I love and adore my mom.

It was a wonderful Mother's Day and I enjoyed it with the best mom, ever!

Pixs by my cell phone so not the best! Sorry!

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