Sunday, May 8, 2011

For my Mom....My Inspiration

You held my hand when I fell down
Wiped my salty tears away
Smiled at my scribbled drawings
And laughed at my corny jokes

Pushed me hard to succeed
And proud of my success
And taught me that failures
Were successes in disguise

Your arms were warm and strong
Your smile brought sunshine to me
You taught me how to love
And how see the light of life

Many times I felt sick
But was healed by your love
Many times I needed a kiss
And you gave me one freely

I look at the world around me
Surrounded by fear and hate
And you sheltered me
Yet taught me to endure

You held me up to be strong
But yield as needed
And to take the hard road
To make my life easy

It’s because of you that I am
One who loves life and lives
And stands on my two feet
Ready to take on the world

And you have made me succeed
And to be on my own
And I hope that I can
Make you feel proud

You have done all you can
And so much more
You are a gift from God
And my prayers were answered

I am blessed by you
I am lucky to have you
I am loved by you
And I love you

I grew up in your shadow
Wanting to be like you
And hoping that I
Can be half the mom you are

What is a mom, they ask?
The answer is simple to me
I don’t have to look any further
Than at your loving face

by Diane Pagel 5/8/2011

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gvmama said...

Very pretty, Diane.