Monday, May 16, 2011

April Clinic Pictures

Here are some pixs from the April Clinic. It was an all day clinic and we worked twelve dogs. I had a blast and we are going to make it an monthly event. Shirley hosted the clinic and her place is wonderful. Kathleen got the ball rolling for this event and it was a great idea.

This is me in the middle of the sheep. Marney has her lovely Aussie, Sally. She is one nice working Aussie that was doing great walkups by the end of the clinic.

Getting Sally to feel the bubble.

Marney and Sally getting a good session in and check out how well that Sally is feeling the bubble.

Shari and Ozzie learning how to properly work sheep through panels. Ozzie learned about square flanks and holding the pressure.

Talking about distance and being calm.

Lucas. This Kelpie was simply awesome at the clinic. Pam has put great work into this dog and he shone like a diamond. I was amazed at how great this talented dog worked the stock.

I'll just stand and watch this tremendous team pen the sheep. They are a team to watch out for!

I am working DeltaBluez Jude for Janet. He is a year old and full of himself. He not only learned to feel the bubble but by the end, he was doing outruns.

I did a second clinic but I didn't get any pictures. I will see if someone else took pictures. I will do that write up in a couple of days.

I had a grand time and the students were open to growth. I am really going to enjoy doing this series of clinics.

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