Thursday, April 14, 2011

Orange Sheep Are Baa-d News For Rustlers

A farmer has dyed his sheep bright orange in an attempt to stop thieves stealing from his flock.

John Heard decided to paint the woolly beasts after thieves targeted his flock of 250 black faced ewes.

The farmer works on a remote part of moorland on Dartmoor in Devon.

"Sheep rustling has become a big problem with ewes worth around £140 each," the 48-year-old livestock farmer said.

"My flock roams Dartmoor and I was getting mighty fed up with losing so many."
The farmer got his inspiration after his son James told him about a Scottish farmer who had dyed his sheep before an agricultural show.

The harmless non-toxic dye eventually wears off with no side effects and seems to have put a stop to the thefts.

The National Farmers' Union said there had been a fivefold increase in sheep thefts this year, due to the high price of lamb.


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