Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dog For sale updates

Sleat has been sold. Thanks to all who inquired about her.

Flash is still for sale. He is a red/white son of Roo x Nan. He was born Jan 9, 2011. Very bold, outgoing and confident. He is very much like Roo. Will be an excellent partner.

Faye is still available. She is running in Open. In her first Open run, she placed 8th and didn't get her pen. I was inches away when time ran out. She is very go forward, strong and can move anything. Very biddable and excellent housedog.

Fly is Delmar Kane x Patrick Shannahan lines. Very tough female . She is a rough black and white coat female. Born Dec 2010. She is very pushy and strong and quite fearless.

If you are interested in Flash, Faye or Fly, send me an email.

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