Friday, April 1, 2011

Glock growing up

Time for an update on Glock, our newest LGD. He was born in December and joined Kodi as part of the LGD team. Paul Lewis brought him and our new White Dorper ram up in March.

Glock in the back lawn pasture checking out the situation. Glock is very devoted to his sheep. He fits in well with the ewes and lambs. They have accepted him and he sleeps with the lambs. The first day, he grabbed a new borne lamb and the ewe rolled him. He got up and she stomped at him and he learned. The ewes all put him in his place the first day and by night, he was sleeping with the lambs, Since then, he has been gentle with the lambs and the ewes nuzzle him at night. He will reach up and lick their faces. He is part of their flock now and is quick to bark at anything strange. Even though he is a pup, he will put himself between the sheep and danger.

We got him from Paul Lewis in Oregon. We highly recommend getting a LGD from Paul.  Glock is Maremma/Tatra and /Spanish Mastiff mix. He is very gentle but very protective of his flock. Paul did a great job of getting a great start on Glock.

Up by the house pond. We turned the sheep out to graze on the lawn.

Running after his sheep.

Serious face.

I believe this is a two step dance step.

The old and the new. Kodi and Glock as a team. Kodi has taken Glock under his tutelage. They eat, sleep and guard together. Kodi really seems to like Glock and is teaching him the ropes. They are a great team.

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