Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kinloch Kiwi

I got the fantastic female from Angie Driscoll of Kinloch Sheepdogs in the UK. Wynn (litter mate brother) and Kiwi arrived last year and both spent some time in Canada before Kiwi came down here. Wynn is still in Canada for a while longer.

Angie bred her incredible Meg to Bobby Dalziel's Joe to have this tremendous litter. They just turned one year old in December. They are talented, keen and willing to please.

Kiwi (aka Ki) is my buddy on the farm. She prefers to be next to me than to play with the other dogs. I enjoy her company very much and she has the sweetest personality. She has grown up quite a bit and gotten keen on stock.

When I first worked her, she would look at me but now she will look at me for a second, then it all about work. She is VERY aware of where I am in relation to her and serious about making sure the stock are balanced to me.

I like how work ethics and good nature. She is kind to the sheep and has a good method of work. She is not silly but down to earth.

She had to plow through this deep mud puddle to get to the sheep and it didn't stop her at all.

She is a happy dog and wants to please. I really enjoy working her and like her eagerness.

She has a nice way of gathering the sheep and keeping them tucked in a tight group.

Walking up with meaning. She is very stocky and a brindle smooth coat.

After the work session. I just love this dog!

Much thanks to Angie for sending me this wonderful pup!

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Donna Brinkworth said...

Beautiful photos! I saw Meg really early on in Wisconsin and remember how nice she was. Imagine now you have a Meg pup! What a small world it really is. Kiwi looks like she fits right into your home and heart!