Saturday, April 23, 2011

DeltaBluez Reba

Reba is a great granddaughter of Tess. It's hard to believe that we have four generations of Tess around. Many of her offspring are winning Open trial dogs as well a top ranch dogs.  Since Tess is retired (from trialing) and Roo is approaching nine (doesn't slow him down at all)....we are raising the future stars at the farm.  Reba is one of the young blood we are raising here. Her mom is DeltaBluez Lucy and her sire is Scott Glen's Don.

Part of what the young pups have to learn is being chained up and being quiet. Obviously, Reba is unfazed by this. She ran around quite a bit during the morning and then got to take a afternoon snooze.

She is about four months old and is all legs. She has fit in quite well at the farm and has learned to leave the cats and chickens alone.  Her recall is outstanding and even faster when there is a piece of chicken jerky! She loves to play in the pond pasture but hasn't taken the plunge to swim yet. She will have all of her puppy hood to grow up and be a carefree puppy.

Of all the pups, she is the best on the tie out.

But being on a tie out doesn't mean you are out of the picture. She keeps a keen eye on everything on the farm. As a reward being being such a good girl all day, she got a smokey bone and quickly darted off with it to her dog house. Last I saw of her was her tail hanging out and wagging!

We have high hopes for Reba and she will be an asset to our line up!

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Hillcrest Border Collies said...

She is a cutie! She looks like my Riks.