Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Form, Fit, Power and Performance - a Bike

I like Bikes and cycling but I truly suck at it. I average about one mile per hour, stopping often to smell a flower or gaze at the sun.  I had my mountain bike burn in the barn fire and never replaced it. I often think that I need to get another bike, so I can bike to my far field than take the truck. It would get in me shape and I can take the dogs  on a bike run. Maybe this summer, I will  break down and get a bike.

There are bikes and then there are REAL BIKES for the serious folks. Neal Goldberg (and Audrey), family to us since he has two dogs from us, now offers the coolest bikes ever for sale. He is a dealer for the Serotta bikes.  He can make you a custom made Serotta bike. He was approached by Serotta to sell their bikes. Additionally, he offers other bike accessories such as helmets, eye wear and shoes and other good stuff.

Neal also does the Carnation Time Trial Bike races. He will be offering two races this year. If you are serious about racing, you should contact Neal and enter.

Here is the link to Neal's website: Footworkscycles

Neal and Audrey love dogs and have Dan and Kael. Dan and Kael are well loved and quite spoiled. You can see his love and devotion to the dogs. They are the best dogs owners!

Give Neal and ring or drop him an email and see about getting your custom bike or accessories.

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