Monday, April 11, 2011

Famous Border Collies in TV and Books

Bandit (See also Jack)
In the books and TV series Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder, the second dog.
Book: series starting 1935. TV series: 1977-1983.

In the movie Babe.
Movie: 1995.

In the TV movie Heck’s Way Home, played by Beasley.
TV movie: 1996.

In the movie Animal Farm.
Movie: 1999.

In the movie Down and Out in Beverly Hills.
Movie: 1986.

In the TV series Mad About You, played by Maui.
TV series: 1992-1999.

Nana (See also Diesel, Duchess, Mac, Scooper, Sniff, Yodel)
In the movie Snow Dogs.
Movie: 2002.

In the animated movie Rover Dangerfield.
Movie: 1993.

Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.
In the book and in the movie Everything Is Illuminated.
Book: 2002. Movie: 2005.

In the TV series for children Blue Peter (British.)
TV series: 1958-.

In the movie A Dog Year.
Movie: 2009.

Koko (See also Sakura)
In the comic strip The Other Coast by Adrian Raeside.
Comic strip: since 2001.

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Jenny Glen said...

Bandit was a border collie on Little House on the Prairie, however, Jack was a different dog and was a little mutt resembling a beardie.
Maui (Murray) was actually not a full border collie. His mother, Bingo, looked alot like a sable border collie and she and Maui were rescued from the Castaic animal shelter to share the role of "Bingo" in the movie of the same name. Later, after the first dog cast on the series, Mad About You, bit Paul Reiser, the director asked for a mellow dog and Maui got the role. It was believed that Maui was part Rough Collie.
FYI, Matisse was played by Mike the Dog. Many of Mike's descendants ran in USBCHA open trials.