Sunday, March 13, 2011

Taff (aka Rags)

I have decided to sell Taff as he is related to most of my females and I can not use him as a foundation male. He is a very powerful dog that is best suit for a experienced handler. He is a willing and biddable dog. He has a nice outrun, lift and fetch and is good on the drive. He is fine at the pen and getting better at the shed. He is also learning a lookback.

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He is very well bred and willing to learn. His hips are fine, CERF passed, DNA CEA Normal and BAER fine. He is good with other dog,s cats and poultry, He will take sheep off horses and llamas. He is a one person dog and will bend over backwards for you. He is on verbal and whistles. I have not worked him yet on cattle. He has no interest in working chickens or ducks.

Taff has a good blend from both of his parents, his biddabilty from Nan and his tremendous courage from Tweed. He is fearless on the field and will stand up and never back down , a trait from Tweed. His go forwardness is from both parents as well as one of the best work ethics.  since both of his parents are such powerful dogs, Taff has inherited this trait and is not suited for a soft handler. However, he does everything I ask of him on the field and I have to realize that he is one of the most talented and pushiest dog that I own.  When I view the video of Ralph running  Tweed at the Finals, I see that in Taff. He has his mom goofy and loving nature and loves to play toss with me, when not on the field. He is a one person dog and will only work for me so he is committed to you. He is a very talented dog and he will go to a home that can showcase his talent and he can have a permanent home.

Crate, kennel trained and was a former house dog. Contact me for details.

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