Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shearing Day

We shear the flock just before they lamb. It makes is easier for the lamb to find the milk bar and for me too see if their is any health issues that I need to be aware of such as mastitis.  And since it is very muddy at this time of year, it helps the ewe but not having mud balls on their wool.

Each year, my students and friends all gather for this even. Everyone has one job that they do so it is an assembly line. People work their dogs in close quarters and learn how to sort or hold sheep. We have people sort the wool, one pile for the bad wool and one pile is the wool for sale. In addition, the sheep get wormed and their vaccinations for the year. Lastly, they get their hooves trimmed.  We also take notes on any sheep that may lamb soon or need to keep on eye on for various reasons.

Eifion is our shearer that comes from Wales. He can shear a sheep in about three or four minutes. He has been coming here for over six years.

Jean was the sheep wrangler. Sam and Diane were the wool crew.

Sara was the sheep loader. At the tilt table, Deborah was showing Finley the show. Kathleen was the record keeper and vaccinated the sheep. Janet did the worming and Wayne handled the tilt table. Nancy was on the hoof trimming team.

Kathleen  did the sheep sorting.

This ewe is getting a pedicure from  Nancy.

Sometimes the ewes didn't want to load so Sara would step in and help. This ewe was no match for  Sara.

The ewe in position for her beauty treatment.

We took a break for lunch and had spagetti.  We only had about 20 sheep left and it went quickly. Again, Lady Luck looked fondly upon us and provided sunshine.

After we were done, we all hung out and enjoyed the afternoon sun. Thanks to a great shearing team, we got done by 1:00 and had the rest of the day to hang out. We sheared 60 sheep and I really appreciated everyone's help.

Photos by Wayne Seward.

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