Wednesday, March 9, 2011 and some more pixs

I did a quick video of Eifion shearing...he was doing a sheep in less than TWO minutes.....We had a big assembly line to do the hooves, shots and worming and we still were behind! It was fun watching Eifion do the shearing and we look forward to next year.

Here are a couple of more pixs. Not the best pixs as I was using my point and shoot camera.

Eifion shearing.

The Tilt Table in action with Wayne and Nancy. Nancy has been helping with the shearing for five years! I think Kathleen and Nancy hold the record. They are true friends and make time each year to help out.

More of the  Tilt Table crew...., Janet, Kathleen,  Nancy and Wayne.

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An English Shepherd said...

Looks like very hard work!