Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sarah loves the puppies. They love her. There is plenty of love. When I let the pups out to play, Sarah comes darting out to play with the pups. Recently, Reba joined our pack at the farm. Reba is much older than the Nan x Roo pups. She recently became Sarah's playmate.

Reba saw Sarah come out from the barn and came dashing out.

Sarah was so excited to see the pups and her new pal, Reba.

Fly had to join in.

Fly had to learn that Sarah was the boss. Reba already learned the "Sarah rules" and stayed out of kitty paw range.

 Running in tandem.

Sarah out on the brake but Reba didn't. Sarah thought it was great fun that Reba rushed pasted her. Then Sarah walked off nonchalantly like nothing every happened.  Typical cat!

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Monique said...

Cute! Glad Reba is doing so well. Looks like she goes everywhere at TOP SPEED.