Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ringo...the high rise Kitty

Ringo was a barn kitten, for maybe less than a day. I got Sarah, Simon and Ringo from Vicki when they were just tiny kittens. They were feral and Vicki worked on making them tame. When I first got them, I put them in a covered dog run so they could get used to the barn. My mom came and I showed her the kittens. She scooped up one tiny Siamese male kitten and told me that he was not a barn cat and that he needed to go into the house (meaning my house while we had lunch). One thing I learned is to never argue with your mother and certainly not a Japanese mother.

I grabbed a crate and the kitten went up to the house. He sat on her lap until we had dinner and was in the  crate for a short time. As soon as dinner was over, he was back on my mom's lap. She kept telling me that he was not a barn cat and I told her that he could not be a house cat......which lead to the barn kitty going home with her that night.

I am sure she planned it that way but I am not going to let her know that I figured it out...

Ringo in the lap of luxury....fed several times a day, brushed and plays with my mom.

He has his own couch, chair and bedroom. quite spoiled, I would say.

He has another cat, "Tama", who is his best friend. Ironically enough, ten years ago, Tama was a kitten that I got as a feral kitten for the barn. Mom came over for dinner, went to the barn, saw the kitten and just borrowed her for the weekend, since it was raining and she was cold. She promised to bring her back in a couple of days but that was ten years ago and I am not holding my breath for Tama to return.

Life has been good for Ringo...I guess he went from barn cat to condo cat....what a great move!

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