Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A view of the farm

I'ver talked about our farm for a long time but realized that some of your folks have never been here.  We love our little slice of heaven out here. So we wil give you a little tour.

Last summer Suzanne and Wayne came up from CA and stayed with us. They are fun people and just some of the nicest people in the world. They took these photos and now I am going to share them wiht you.

The Well house and one of the gardens. The well house has a grape plant growing on it- given to me by my brother, Nelson.

The inside of the new barn. It has four stalls, a tack room and hay storage. They are 12 ' x 14 ' aside from one which is 12' x 28 '. One of them is converted to a dog kennel area, We call it the Vault, since it so secure.

The view of the barn from our back deck.

View of our back lawn.

View of the front of the house.

View of the driveway going up to the house. Kodi is walking about.

The Pond Pasture. There is a nice pond and the dogs get to run and play in this secure area. Rainey is in the front. She is on the launching pad which the dogs use to jump off into the pond.

So that is a quick tour of our farm. Thanks to Suzanne and Wayne for the photos.


KPR said...

Very nice! How many acres do you have?

gvmama said...

I'd sure love to have your barn and your ponds and maybe a few sheep, too. :0) Suzanne

Anonymous said...


DeltaBluez Tess said...

we have 10 acres plus lease another 20 more.