Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Lapwarmers

Tess has been retired from Open trials since last June but she still goes to trials. She will either help set sheep, be an excellent armchair quarterback, mooch for food and of course, must be my lapwarmer.

Today she was my lapwarmer. It's a tradition we have had for a long time and at each trial she will be my lapwarmer. She is dirty since she set for quite a bit of the day with Janet.

Of course,  Monique and Lucy have to carry on the tradition. Here is Monique and Lucy with their for first time ever pose in the lapwarming tradition. Are they just a lovely pair? I certainly think so!

Since Scott was too muddy, Janet opted for the ground photo. She also included Faye as part of the deal. Faye is the daughter of Nan and Imp Drift. (Joni Swanke). I'll post lapwarming photos from each trial. It's a fine tradition and especially so on cold, wintery days!!

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