Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nan's trial preparation

Nan is my Number One Trial Dog right now. Since Tess is retired, Nan has really taken it to heart, that she must step up to the plate and fill those large shoes that Tess has left.

First of all, Nan has the best mentor in the world. Tess. Yep, you heard right

Yes, Tess has taken it up herself to coach Nan on how to be the best sheepdog in the world.

A lot of training for the big show require a lot of work off the field. Preparing yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Nan, being an apt student, took Tess's wisdom to heart.

Nan is showing us how well she has done. She has agreed to pose for you showing what she has learned.

1. Gather the sheep and keep them tightly bunched. (Toys are fine since real sheep are not allowed in the house.

2. Keep in fine physical shape by running upside down.

3. Work on a solid down as needed.

4. Keep the eyes on the runaway sheep aka toy duck.

5. Keep mentally alert.

Yep, Nan has done quite a stellar job in learning her new role. Tess can rest easy on the couch, knowing that Nan has filled her shoes quite well as the Number One Trial Dog.

note: no toys were hurt in making of this production.

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An English Shepherd said...

Nan looks like a great dog :-)